March to Let Our Forest Heal

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A four day, 54 mile walk to honor and protect the land

October 1st – October 4th, 2016

We will be walking from 8 am to 6 pm each day, and camping en route
Call 707-357-5365 to join us along the way
Email to support the Forest Protectors 

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Day after day, Mendocino Redwood Company (MRC) continues to poison our watersheds, injecting the chemical Imazapyr into Tan Oak and Madrone trees to intentionally kill them. MRC’s use of “hack and squirt” on over 90,000 acres has killed over 14 million trees in almost 20 years. MRC also sprays hundreds of gallons of glyphosate herbicides on underbrush each year that end up in our water and food. Under the guise of “sustainability” they are destroying the land for profit without regard for living beings and ecosystems. We walk to honor the forest and water that supports us all. We call for an end to the destruction of the Earth.

For up-to-date information regarding herbicide use on timberland click here.

Walking Schedule

SAT 10/1 8:00 AM – Meet at Mile Marker 21 on Comptche-Ukiah Road to begin walking from the “Half-Way to Hell” Timber Harvest Plan that MRC is actively logging

SAT 10/1 12:00 NOON – Meet at the Comptche Fire Station (8491 Flynn Creek Rd, 95427-0164 Comptche, CA) to walk to lunch

SAT 10/1 6:00 PM – Stop walking, drive to Campground, Philo, CA 

SUN 10/2 8:00 AM – Leave Campground and begin walking from spot where we left off on Saturday, walking East along Hwy 128

SUN 10/2 5:00 PM – Meet in front of Booneville Fairgrounds to greet walkers

SUN 10/2 6:00 PM – Have dinner in Booneville 

MON 10/3 8:00 AM – Leave Booneville and hike over hwy 253 towards Ukiah 

MON 10/3 6:00 PM – Potluck at Mendocino Enviornmental Center (MEC) in Ukiah, CA

TUES 10/4 8:00 AM – Begin walking from spot where we left off on Monday

TUES 10/4 12:00 NOON Meet at Alex Thomas Plaza in Ukiah, CA to greet walkers, hear speakers, have lunch, and WALK TO DELIVER OUR MESSAGE TO MENDOCINO REDWOOD COMPANY: STOP DESTROYING AND POISONING THE FOREST